Lubith - An Online Theming Software for WordPress

Along with the development of WordPress as a blogging platform, to a powerful web publishing instrument, gave way to the rising inclination to transform and individualize blogs to the point where they may become stand-alone websites and more significantly, brands.

Today it is possible to pioneer a distinctive and successful affair by advertising your products and services through the WordPress platform. In this regard WordPress websites can be optimized by various settings, tools and applications meant to make on-line marketing accessible to every home user.
One of these useable resources is represented by Theme editors: both users and forward-looking web designers utilize them so that the impression can be refined and the full balance between appearance and data obtained.
Lubith started as a programmer’s own motivation to get ahold of the perfect tools in order to craft layouts that would agree with the web designer’s graphics. It began as an uncomplicated script through which dimensions, colors, fonts, backgrounds and other properties could be adjusted. It began with potential prospects and now these and extra features are at the disposal of all WordPress users.
Lubith enjoys dual functionality. It may be used by home users with no requirement for HTML/CSS coding, and it has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. By using the selection option, you can modify any component of the template, like in photo editing applications in which layers are implied. The parts can be clicked on, dragged and resized and their properties can be inherited or specified as custom. Lubith's features can be enjoyed by advanced users also. They can modify the themes made in the application and, further more, in the code.
From selection to other features. What’s great about this theme generator is that it makes everything sosimple. An element that you need to personalize can be selected and from the main menu the properties that you need to make modifications to can be done easily.
There's also a feature that you can easily upload layouts made in PSD formats and promptly handle them by using Lubith’s simple tools. Elements of the layout can be generated separately in Photoshop, uploaded and modified in the generator.
By using the Background tool you can Upload Images or determine Colors, fix the image’s placement, vertical/horizontal repetition or ascertain the opacity of the background color. Borders with adjustable round corners can be supplied to each component. You can also expand the padding area of each element.
By using Type you can enjoy a great number of available fonts (over 400) with additional font editing options, like line height, word or letter spacing, drop shadow. A number of Fonts offered by the new Lubith version provide support for additional scripts: Latin Extended, Cyrillic, Greek, and Vietnamese (beta version).
In Lubith you can induce additions to elements but also you are able to add elements to the design. They can also be removed. For example, you are able to add or remove the site’s title and description, a custom logo, the website’s menu or sidebars. By using these options, both minimalistic and modern fronts can be easily induced for your site. Also opacity can be defined separately to backgrounds, borders as well as text in order to supply a more subtle feel to your design.
Dynamic and dependable. Lubith is a free online WordPress template generator. Your design is stored on the server by simply making an account and uploading the design. As changes are made to your layout, they can be instantly tested in the browser, so that you can be sure that no no visual or browser compatibility irregularities appear on the customizing process.
You can use extra features, such as the possibility to save and exercise with multiple templates, to make duplicates, to restore previously downloaded themes back in the editor, to make use of supplementary page templates (automatic sitemap, members only).
Lubith was initially designed as a tool for advanced users in order to concentrate as much as possible the time spent on customizations and develop in the same time the designing possibilities. As it became approachable to the wider audience Lubith turned into a instrument more and more used by home users.
Since its launch on the internet Lubith was developed as to conserve this stable proportionality between handiness, effectiveness and increasing flexibility and supplies beside its features supplementary support and extensive information on the subject of web design through its Forum and Tutorials services. 


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