Great Britain Wedding Theme

Your wedding day has to be perfect and it is important that you get everything right. If you do this you will have a day that nobody will forget and this for some people is priceless. But on a serious note it is likely that you will have to do your wedding on a budget so obviously you want everything to be lavish without paying too much. If you have a theme at you wedding you can be given a sense of direction when it comes to organising everything which can be easier.

As this year is all about how great, Great Britain is why not go for a wedding theme that follows this. In this theme you can have the venue based around the colours red, white and blue. This can be done with LED placed around the room which can transform the whole colour of it. Strip lights do this show the best as they get placed at the bottom of a section of a wall then they flood that wall with a certain colour. Spot lights can also be used to flash around the room and these can be very effective in what they do. The lights can be flying around the room so that you have a stars going around showing how special the day is.

This theme can then be spread around the room by decorating the furniture so that it matches the rest of the room and this will look great when it is finished. One of the biggest pieces of furniture that you can decorate is the chairs as there are likely to be over 100 in your venue so decorating these will have a huge impact on your venue. For the theme of Great Britain you should look at having a coloured sequence around the room so that everything matches.

So if there are 6 chairs at a table have 2 red, 2 white and 2 blue so you have a consistent colour throughout the venue. You could even look into draping Union Jack flags on the chairs so that you can keep up with the theme. If not then you could have the table covers in the style of the Union Jack flag, but you do not have to get your own table covers created. You can simply get stretches of fabric and design your own Union Jack flag with different coloured strips and this will look just as amazing as a custom built cloth for the tables.

With the centre pieces for your tables you can be as creative as you want. You could go for a novelty choice which can be very funny and memorable. For this you could have something like models of different members of the royal family at different tables and from that you can have table names like the Prince Harry table. Then for your table you would have to have the Queen model at your table with some red roses of course. This may seem tacky but when it is done it will look perfect. If you do not want the novelty choice then you could go for the traditional choice of flowers but with a twist. You can have red, white, and blue roses on each table this way everything will look elegant and it will still be within the Great Britain theme.

The food at your Great Britain wedding should be more traditional so if you art catering for the guests with a meal then why not go for a traditional roast dinner which everyone can enjoy. If you are having a buffet then you should try only having traditional food which could be great. When it comes to your cake you can have a 3 tier cake which will obviously be red, white and blue. Then to add to this you can have flags but on it as well as symbols of Great Britain like the red phone box and much more.

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