A Guide To Planning Your Wedding

There are many things that you have to do to make sure that your day goes to plan but generally if you are prepared then your day will go to plan like it is meant to. Your wedding can also be a costly job and there are also areas in which you can save money which is becoming increasingly important in recent economic times.

One of the first things that you will look at for your wedding day is the theme. This is very important because your whole wedding day is likely to be based around your theme so you need to make sure that you select the right one. The obvious choice for your wedding theme is to go for the traditional theme and although this may look amazing it is probably going to be just the same as every other wedding. This is why you should be more creative so it definitely is a wedding to remember.

People have had Halloween weddings in which everyone is in fancy dress and this is great fun. To apply your theme properly you need to come with an idea for it and then you need to look at how you are going to implement it on your guests so that they experience your theme. This generally includes making sure that your guests wear appropriate outfits for the day.

Once you have sorted out a theme that you want to follow you then need to book your venue and this needs to be done at least 9 months before as most venues will already be booked up. The venue you want needs to reflect what you are after. Traditional weddings always look great in country houses but you can also use village halls as these are easier to decorate and they do generally give you more freedom.

If you choose a country house they will not let you hang drapes from walls so you can transform a venue but to get away with this you can get freestanding drapes which can help you change any venue into your wonderland. Your venue also needs to be able to fit your guests so that you are not cramped. Then when the venue is sorted you then need to think about how you can implement your theme to your liking and this will take a lot of creativity on you and your partners behalf.

Decorating your venue is also a timely job but you by looking at the resources available to you. Drapes are one of the best choices when it comes to decorating your venue as they can transform the look of a venue by changing the colour completely. It is definitely worth you looking at the types of drapes and then using them.

To add to how effective they will be you should also add lighting to your venue. This doesn't mean using what the DJ is bringing it means looking at the special lights that you can hire. These lights can include strip LED lights which get placed at the bottom of walls and then they flood the wall with the colour that you have selected. If you cannot choose on one colour you can then set the lights to change every 10 or so seconds which creates a sort of mood lighting which many people find relaxing.

When the major decorating is done on the walls and ceilings then you need to look at the furniture and other items in your venue. Chairs are pretty simple to decorate because if you are not happy with what the chairs already look like then you can get covers in many colours and from that you can add sashes which add that little bit more extravagance to your venue. When it comes to decorating your table you generally need to have a suitable matching colour for the cover and the centre piece needs to be big and attractive.

Most people use flowers for their centre piece and they are a good idea because you can get them in most colours plus they look amazing. When it comes to the centre piece on your table you need to make sure that it is bigger and better than the ones on the other tables because you are the centre of attention on your big day.

These are just some of the things that you can do for your wedding and if you follow some of these simple instructions you can take a step towards having the perfect wedding day like you are meant to. It is important to remember however not to mix and match as this can look untidy and ruin the venue.

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