How to Have The Perfect Wedding

The price of a wedding can be expensive with many reports pricing the right day at £15,000 but this does not have to be the case either. One woman managed to have her wedding with a price of £4999.50 and she catered for 100 people in a sit down buffet so it is possible. One of the major costs will be the venue for your reception and this can be costly but before choosing one you need to think about what you want from a potential venue.

Some people want class and sophistication while others want modern and colourful so whatever you do want take this into account before selecting your venue. The time of year can also influence your venue because you cannot have a wedding outdoors during autumn and winter. You then need to look around possible venues but never get your heart set on one before you have looked at them all. Once you have viewed them all choose one and then drive the price down. The venue will be desperate for your money so by saying something like "I love the venue but the other venue is brilliant and it's cheaper" you may save a few hundred.

What you and your partner will be wearing on the big day will be every important and the wedding dress will always be the centre of attention. Unfortunately this can be one of the biggest costs for a wedding because if you go to a specialised wedding store and try to get a dress they will be asking for more than you can imagine. But it is still worth looking around these shops because you will find your perfect dress and once you have, take a picture of it and take the name of it down. Then with these details you have the ability to shop around for your wedding dress. Shopping online can save you a lot of money.

Getting to your ceremony can be important to many people and they always want to get there in style. With this you need to do what you did with your outfit. Shop around. There will be the perfect car around at the perfect price and this can add to your day like it is meant to. Normally however if you ask around your family it is highly likely that they will know someone that can provide you with the car you want that is sometimes free.

Catering your venue is also important and if you provide the wrong food then people will remember your wedding for having rubbish food which is probably the worst possible outcome. When planning the catering you need to look at the list of guests that you have and see if any have any allergies or if any are vegetarians. Then look at various caterers and what deals they have to offer. Some will have set our courses for your guests and this can save you having to select all the food individually. You may not even want to have a set meal as some do prefer just have a buffet which is less formal and could be more interesting.

These are just some the things that you can do for you perfect wedding but you need to make sure that you are prepared to cope with the burden of the cost of that will come. Research can be paired with your preparation and all of this can help you have an amazing day like you are meant to.

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