The Fastest Way to Lose Weight around Your Waist

Obesity is a disease that is quite alarming. Just like when we have a disease  - we try hard to get cured, in the same way when we have unwanted fat accumulation in the body, it requires treatment. Fat can build up quite fast in a particular body part or all over, and it all depends on the body type. Hence, treatments should vary. Variation mostly happens in the workout part keeping the basic fat reduction rules same.

It is mostly seen that the stubborn fat builds up in the waist area and it takes years to get rid of the same if steps are not taken from day one. Fat here is generally mulish, refuses to shed off without vigorous exercise regimes, as well as a healthier diet, and looks absolutely unattractive to most people. A few steps show the fastest way to lose weight around waist.

All about food and drinks:

·      Whenever you feel the urge to drink something such as a Coke, drink water. Start with a full glass of water, the first thing in the morning. Spread it throughout the day. A glassful of water, 30 minutes before every meal, is the fastest way to lose weight around waist as it suppresses hunger to a certain extent.

·      No matter how hectic the day is, ensure that the breakfast isn’t skipped. No excuses here. Skipping breakfast slows the rate of metabolism and that hinders weight loss. In fact, you should be eating first thing in the morning and every 2.5-3 hours as well. Of course, you want to keep the meals small and do your best to eat less carbs and fat.

·      Every two and a half hours eat something so that the stomach is always feeling full. The logic behind this is, if there is a long gap between meals, then the body gets confused and turns the next available meal into fat because the body is not sure when would be the next food time. So if the stomach is full and the body is certain about the time it’ll be supplied with food, it tends to convert some amount of food into energy.

·      Regular food intake should have carbohydrates, proteins and some amount of fat. Foods low in carbohydrates are primary in diets recommended for fat loss. athough you need them to sustain energy. Do your best to get carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables early in the day, and try not to eat many after noon. Protein is required to give the overall support to the body and fat balances the required nutrients. The fastest way to lose weight around waist requires you to have a good combination of exercise and a good diet that accommodates all three essentials together.

Twist, turn and bend:

When weight loss is primary, one thing that should be kept in mind and followed regularly is the set of exercises. To lose as much fat around the waist as possible, it is recommended to have exercises meant specifically for that area.

·      Twister: A round shaped manual machine where one needs to step on, with hands parallel from ground and stretched to hold the wall in front. Now twist to see who’s at the back, without moving the hand at all. Only the body should move. The pull around the waist is the answer on how effective this workout is.

·      Crunches: Lie flat on your back and fold your legs. Now with the help of your hands try to get up and touch the knee. Remember the legs will not move. Pressure should be on the tummy. When this action can be performed effortlessly, try not to fold the legs and touch the tip of your feet with your hands in the same manner you used to touch the knee. If done correctly this exercise is considered to be one of the fastest way to lose weight around waist.

There's a lot of other exercises that you can include in your routines. I prefer body weight exercises as they're better for most people and burn off fat quickly, without damaging your body. Just be consistent and work on your diet!


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