How to Lose Fat from Your Face

When you meet a person or walk up to a store, the first thing that people get to see is your face. The first impression is created. The first impression means a lot. So, we just cannot afford to have a face that has unwanted fat accumulation. It looks bad and gives a sense of low self confidence. When we do so much to shed the extra pounds that eventually get added to our body, then why not do something to lose the fat from your face?

Tips of food and drinks:

·      What we eat: Food has a lot to do with weight gain. The kind of food we choose to eat, the time we want to consume them and the way we prefer eating them, affects positively or negatively to our health. Negative when weight gets added. Positive when we can shed them off. Food should be rich in carbohydrates, protein and fat. Yes, the word fat might raise eye brows, but some amount of fat in diet is essential. There should be a fixed time when we eat each day. Sticking to the time on a regular basis is a must when you focus on losing fat from your face or body. Finally, the way food gets cooked is important. Overcooked food actually loses most of it's nutrients and taste, and therefore, cravings for junk food become a problem. Alternatively, try out foods that are moderately cooked using less oil. Mix vegetables or try a bowl of salad and chew slowly. Mix and match them to fit your taste.

·      Water: Water is possibly the most essential part of life. Start the day with a glass of water. Include foods rich in water content in the regular diet and most importantly make it a point to at least have 8-10 glasses of water each and every day. Apart from losing the fat from your face, water also improves the skin quality, making it appear more vibrant.

·      Alcohol: Apart from adding pleasure, alcohol doesn’t add anything more to health (except for Resveratrol in Wine, although there's only a small amount). More alcohol means a bloated face and that surely isn’t desirable. So cut down on the alcohol intake and see the fat vanish from your face.

·      Salt: Avoid too much salt. Eat foods that are less salty. Salt retains fluid in the body. So make sure not to look at the salt pot, if you are wondering how to lose fat from your face. This means sodium, in case you were confused.

Make faces:

Apart from following the tips mentioned, there are a few exercises that can help you lose fat from your face. Just ensure no one is around when you do them or they might think that you are making faces at them.

·      Smile: Don’t frown if you want to know how to lose fat from your face, just be happy and see how it helps the face say goodbye to the accumulated fat. Smile with teeth out and the then smile again with the teeth in. Works for facial muscle.

·      Jaw work: If that double chin is taking away the charm from your face, then just try this out. Chewing gums also helps the fat loss. Make sure the gum is sugarless, of course.

Try these at home if you want to know how to lose fat from your face and you will definitely see the difference. Apart from ensuring no wrinkles are on your face, facial fat does nothing more. So face up to the challenge and watch the fat disappear!


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