Juice Recipes for Weight Loss

When you are overweight, you will probably look for different ways in which you can reduce your weight. You will try different eating habits, do different exercises and also use some supplements. There is, however, a simple and healthier way of reducing weight. This is by drinking juice. It is possible to make yourself a healthy drink at home on a regular basis, which will help you reduce a significant amount of weight in a matter of weeks.

There are many recipes that may help you make different juices every day. Most of these drinks are made from vegetables. Looking at the first recipe, you will need some carrots, apples and cucumber. After cleaning them, slice them and blend the mixture, adding a little water. This drink helps in controlling your appetite, and this means your food intake will go down.

There is another recipe that helps you make a healthy drink suitable for morning drinking. To make this drink, you will need grape fruit, seedless grapes, apples and sprigs of parsley. You can use as many fruits as you need, depending on the amount of juice you want to make. It is healthy, and you can enjoy drinking it with your family members.

To make a drink that is almost as tasty as smoothies, you will need a banana, orange, strawberry, one and a half teaspoon of protein powder. This drink will give you enough energy to see you throughout the day. You will feel satisfied, and you will have no urge to eat after drinking it. This juice is rich in protein, and you will be able to reduce your weight within a few weeks once you have it regularly.

Another juice recipe is the Bahama sunset. When reading this recipe, you will notice that the ingredients are readily available, and the drink is easy to make. You need mangoes, which need to be washed and chopped into small pieces, honey, oranges and strawberries. Blend them together for a fantastic tasting healthy drink. Be sure to remove the seeds prior to blending the fruits.

You can also use tomatoes to make juice that will help in weight loss. Mix the tomato with carrots and mint leaves. The mint leaves will help in adding flavor to the drink. Apart from helping you lose weight, this drink will also help you have a clear complexion and smooth skin. It will also add energy to the body, and you can go the whole day feeling strong with no urge to have snacks.

There are also low calorie juices that you can make at home. The recipe is simple to follow, and all of the ingredients can easily be found at any market or fruit stand. One of the things you will need is cucumber. You will also need broccoli, carrots, lemons and apples. You then need to wash then and slice them into small pieces. Blend them together, adding a little water. Once it becomes smooth, then the drink is ready.

Another low calorie drink will require you to have some carrots, tomatoes, celery and florets of cauliflower. You can add celery salt to the mixture before blending it. This drink is the best for vegetarians. It will only take about five minutes to prepare, and the taste is spectacular.

It is possible to make great juice using vegetables, and there are many recipes that will show you how to do this. The simplest recipe will require you to have spinach, apples, oranges and alfalfa sprouts. This drink helps in reducing the fat in the body, and at the same time adds energy. It is low in calories, and this means that you will be able to reduce a lot of weight within a few days.

Lastly, you can make juice using beets, spinach, lemons and jicama. You should not peel the jicama when planning to make juice out of it. It is watery, and this means that you do not have to use a lot of water when making the juice. It is sugar free, and does not have any fats. This makes it a good drink choice when planning to reduce weight.

Personally, my favorite juice (for fasting, that is) is Kale (a bunch), 6 Apples (green, preferably), half a lemon, a cucumber and if I'm feeling a bit tired of the taste - a few cherries to help sweeten it. This juice is excellent for "reboots" if you're looking for a recipe for juice fasting. 


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