The Best Exercises for Weight Loss

When planning to lose weight, there are many activities you can perform to help you. So long as there is consumption of healthy food and regular exercising, it would be easy to achieve your goal. When working out you will be burning extra calories, and at the same time building more muscle.

When a person exercises they are burning calories, and the bones are being strengthened at the same time. The heart rate will increase and, on top of that, the muscles that are being used to perform those movements are also strengthened. These workouts help in the burning of calories and also in the strengthening of the bones and muscle tissue, so it's a win-win all the way around.

Bikes and Cycling

One of the best workouts that a person can do is cycling or riding a boke. The advantage of this is that you can do it anytime and just about anywhere. It seems that most people have a bicycle, so it is an easily accessible exercise to perform for those who do. When in the gym or in the house, you can use a stationary bike. It helps in burning down extra fat, usually in the form of sweat, and the movements being performed allow the leg muscles get stronger. This helps a person reduce their weight quickly.

Cycling or bike riding is a great way to get outdoors, or if done indoors, to relieve plenty of stress. While I would suggest riding outdoors, either is fine. This exercise routine can be changed out with walking, or even added to it, to increase fat burning and overall wellbeing. 


Swimming is considered one of the best overall exercises because it involves the moving and stretching of nearly every major muscle of the body. For best results, swimming needs to be done for at least thirty minutes every day. By doing this regularly you will start seeing weight improvement within a few weeks. Work on different types of swimming movements to make it more exciting and even rewarding. Moving different ways will utilize different muscles and keep it interesting during workouts.

Be warned though, swimming is not going to build muscle like the other "impact" movements. Remember that when force is being applied by muscles, bone and muscle is being strengthened. When these are being strengthened, they will give the appearance as such when more fat loss occurs. 


Jogging is also another exercise you can get involved in. During the first few days you should start off slowly so that the muscles and knee joints become more accustomed to the activity. After a few days you can start increasing the speed and distance/time. Jogging strengthens the body, burns fat and helps in increasing the heart rate to help you lose weight.

The problem with jogging for some people is that they try to do too much at the beginning and get burned out. You're not doing yourself any favors by going all out in the first few weeks. Just start slowly. If you can only do 5-10 minutes, GOOD! Try to add 30 seconds to each run thereafter. You will see great benefits from jogging if you keep at it.

Bodyweight Workouts

Bodyweight workouts are basically doing workouts where you rely on your body to produce efficient movements. Squats, prisoner squats, split squats, jumping exercises, push-ups, etc.

Find a good place to do these and use these exercises to move up to weights. Bodyweight exercises are excellent for burning fat no matter where you are (ie, on a trip, business place, etc.).

Lifting Weights

In case you do not want vigorous movement, then the best exercise is squatting and pressing. To lose weight within a short period of time, you can hold barbells in both hands. Bend both knees and carefully lower yourself, with the back straight. Remain in the squatting position for a few seconds before you press yourself up again. When you squat down the movement should be slow, whereas the upward movement should be more explosive. Building strength is great for anyone and everyone, as it prolongs your wellbeing and joint health.

Deadlifts are another great exercise, especially for those who want to work on their "butts" and "thighs". This movement should be practiced a lot before using a lot of weight. You can start off with dumbbells if you want, but I would suggest moving to much heavier weight as you have the movement pattern down correctly. Deadlifts will get you that rockin' lower body that you've always wished you had.

Pushups and Bench presses are great for upper body routines. If you're looking to burn fat and "tone" up your upper body, these are great to do together. This routine is simple: do bench presses with weights first, and then follow that up with a set of 10, 15, 100 pushups. Whatever you can handle without hurting yourself. If you have trouble with pushups then rest on your knees and hands and work your way up. But the goal is to get stronger, too.

Forget the Ab Workouts

Too many people think that you can get a six pack by doing sit-ups. No. Stop. Don't even bother right now. Your goal isn't to get a six pack tomorrow, because it's not going to happen. Focus on getting stronger and building a foundation of strength and you will lose a ton of fat in the process.

Six packs are made in the kitchen. It's 100% true. Your stomach fat won't disappear by doing situps. You already have a six pack. It's 100% true. Your abdominal muscles are already there. If they weren't, you wouldn't be able to move very well, if at all. 

Stick to eating a leaner, cleaner diet and you will see your six packs. I would recomment checking out this article on intermittent fasting to help you get started. After that I would start looking into precision nutrition or paleo diet, if you feel the need to. Precision Nutrition is much more efficient and realistic, without the hype.


I'll admit it, I'm a kettlebell junky. I love these things because, if done right, these workouts are killer. This is not hype, this is not a fad. These babies are a great way to burn a ton of calories and build muscle all over your body. 

But beware: you shouldn't just run out and buy kettlebells. Learn how to do the exercises correctly and get the movement patterns down first. This means that you should try them without weights to understand how they're done. Once you feel like you understand them head down to your local gym equipment store or athletic store to find a size you can start off with. A good size is one that you can comfortably do 15 swings with right now. You can work your way up from there.

You'll be able to use this one kettlebell for many different exercises down the road. Look up different exercises on for examples.

Other Ways

Elliptical machines are another great way to get a good workout in fairly quickly. They're great for a somewhat easy routine, but they can get boring for many people. Make sure you have something to keep your mind off the timer.

TRX is an awesome tool to get bodyweight exercises in. Check it out!

The easiest and most enjoyable exercise that you can do is walking. When doing this you do not need any assistance from a professional. Walking will burn off plenty of calories and it's a great way to ease the mind if done outdoors. There is also no training equipment necessary when walking, which gives it a big boost over other exercise activities.

No matter what you choose, just move. Moving burns calories. Eating a lower calorie diet will help burn more fat because your body is used to consuming a certain amount. By modifying your caloric intake and exercise routine you will be able to lose fat fast.


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