What is an HCG diet?

When it comes to losing weight, a lot of people opt for different types of diets and experiment on a lot on these, in order to find out which is the best diet for them for the fastest way to lose weight. Some of the experiments come out with relatively good and positive results, but other diets suggest that things are going wrong.

We all know that people would do everything for the best and fastest diet, but it`s almost for sure that nobody will be able to find the accurate diet for losing weight fast. In recent times, there was a brand new diet established that brought incredibly good results in the line of a lot of people who were willing to lose weight. This is the so-called HCG diet.

Are you not familiar with this diet? Read further to find out the important and general aspects of the HCG diet in this article. Let`s start with defining the diet. The HCG diet has two main and difficult principles that both require, first of all, medical supervision: daily 500 calories and an injection with HCG hormones every day.

This hormone is secreted by pregnant women and provides necessary nutrients for the fetal development. These hormones will consume from the unwanted fat of pregnant women, when needed. This is the explanation that leads to the popularity of the HCG diet.

Don`t think that only women can opt for the HCG diet. More and more men also get familiar with the diet, hoping that these hormones introduced in their bodies will certainly consume the unwanted fat from their body. They perceive this diet as being the best way for weight loss. The reason why this diet requires medical supervision is the fact that the hormone concludes to both positive and negative results.

People worldwide who talked based on their personal experience with the HCG diet admit different things, thus the hormone can be seen from two points of view. From one hand, most of the people admit that the hormone was really helpful and efficient for them, reaching to lose weight. From the other hand, others said that the hormones didn`t make their efficiency and thus, unlucky persons couldn`t reach to lose fat.

There`s another thing that the manufacturers admit regarding to the effects of this injectable hormone, but fact isn`t yet scientifically proven: that these hormones are able to reduce appetite. However, from the medical point of view, people who already used this type of diet recommend the HCG diet to be avoided by people suffering from heart and kidney diseases.

If you`re willing to try this diet, you can freely go ahead and experiment, but the positive results aren`t 100% guaranteed. Keep in mind that it doesn`t matter what type of diet we`re talking about; none of the diets are 100% healthy, because all of these require a certain substance that the organism isn`t used with. Everything depends on your organism, on how it is able to bear daily 500 calories and the sudden hormones entering your body through the injection.

An extremely restrictive long-term diet with only 500 calories per day is dangerous and affects the organism, no matter how healthy your organism is. As we mentioned above, a general aspect of the HCG diet consists of starvation. The results of getting lean will not get late at all, but think of these sudden results. Is it good to lose weight suddenly? Is the HCG diet healthy in fact?

The first phase of the diet lasts for a month in which only 500 calories consumption is allowed. This diet will contain only vegetables and proteins, but dairy products and carbohydrate are excluded in this period. This will directly lead to the imbalance of the organism.

The only reason why the organism needs balance is the fact that it needs all products, without excluding one of the supplements that are needed by your body each day: proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables and dairy product. And because the organism will become imbalanced, it is the only reason why if you choose this diet, you will need the recommendations and the supervision of a specialist.

Just think about it – is it worth to risk your health? In some countries, the HCG diet was prohibited due to the risks, side effects and negative results that can lead to. Anyway, the sale of the HCG hormones in the form of drugs, drops and medications is allowed in certain areas, but it`s still prohibited as being illegal.

The only persons that are advices to choose the HCG diet are infertile, but never pregnant women or other everyday people. If you`re excluded from infertility, you`d better look for another natural diet or home remedy for weight loss. A dangerous and unhealthy diet, full of exercises will lead to negative effects and will make you to regret. But a balanced diet combined with healthy meals and accurate exercises, is always ideal and helpful.


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