Tips To Lose Fat over a Lifetime

Studies show that over eighty percent of the population of the United States has been on a diet at one point in their life. The topic of dieting has been covered over and over again with many people resolute that their process works better than the rest.

The truth is that people are all vastly different. What works for some, may not work well for others. When it comes to losing fat, however, there are some tips that are good for everyone.


The very first step you need to take before you even begin a diet or fat loss plan is to adjust your attitude. Your attitude is what is going to make or break your continued progress. It is about creating a healthy life style that you can adhere to for the rest of your life.

The common belief that you are going to suffer and not enjoy your life when it comes to food is untrue. Moderation is the key when it comes to considering weight loss. You didn’t increase the amount of fat on your body overnight; therefore it is going to take time to lose fat. Do not beat yourself up, instead believe that this is something you can accomplish and remain positive even when things seem negative.

The Three Things You Need for Fat Loss

It sounds too easy already doesn’t it? In order to lose fat you need to grow stronger through strength training, performing cardio workouts and following a nutritious diet. Create a chart that maps out your goals and make it visible so you can hold yourself accountable on a daily basis. Losing weight does not mean you cannot have the life you want to lead, including the foods that you may wish to indulge in, as well.

Getting Stronger

The best way to get stronger is through strength training. This will increase your cardiovascular health as well as strengthen bones and joints, improve flexibility and build muscles. While you are busy working on all of those positive attributes you will also be burning fat. Strength training allows you to maintain muscle and add more strength when you increase your workout. Every training session you finish will have built more muscle and prevented any further loss you may have already experiences.

Strength training also increases your metabolic rate since dieting will normally send it in a downward spiral. This equals more fat loss while you continue to eat healthy. This is another reason why strength training and fat loss go hand in hand. You just need to be sure to stick to your diet. This shouldn’t be too hard. When you exercise on a regular basis you tend to stick to a good diet and your eating habits are influenced in a positive manner. You may wish to begin with exercise such as dead lifts and squats since they will show the most progress for beginners.

Eat Healthy

Your diet should consist of whole grains and foods, namely foods that are unprocessed for the majority of the time. Food in its natural state is the best food for you. It is important to avoid fats, sugars and any foods that are heavily processed and chemically altered to remain fresh for extended amounts of time. If you are serious about eating healthy, you should consider buying your foods raw and preparing them yourself.

Increasing quality protein is a very good idea since this will help you maintain and build more muscle. Incorporating protein in every meal is recommended. Your mainstay in a healthy diet is fruits and vegetables. You need to eat more fruits and vegetables than anything else. They are typically low in calorie and high in vitamins, minerals, and the necessary amount of water you need in a day. Fruits and vegetables that you should eat in a healthy diet to lose fat are:

  • Spinach

  • Broccoli

  • Kale

  • Asparagus

  • Carrots

  • Cabbage

  • Oranges

  • Apples

  • Grapes

  • Blueberries

The list of healthy produce is endless, but you get the idea. Healthy fats should be eaten too. Fat in and of itself is not what makes a body unhealthy and obese. The major factors to weight gain are poor food choices and the lack of activities such as exercise. Some fats are healthier than others, however. Healthy fats include fish oils, olive oil and mixed nuts.

You should not discount the healthy attributes of water either. When you are thirsty you tend to be hungry too. This is when you should drink a tall glass of water. Water in its natural state should not be confused with juice, soda or alcohol. These do not sate your thirst and often come loaded with excess sugar and calories. Your body needs water to remain hydrated and working properly for you.

It is recommended that you drink a total of two cups of water with every meal and have it handy during every workout. In fact you should sip water while you are working out so your body remains hydrated. If you want to go the extra mile and add a little healthy twist to your water you can add lemon.

When you do eat carbohydrates you should turn to whole grains and try to incorporate them in your meals before you exercise. Foods such as rice and pasta are heavy in calories. So if you consume them before a workout you have a better chance of working off those extra calories.

Carbohydrates come in many forms. The kinds of carbs that need to be limited are the starches. Vegetables and fruits come with carbs too but they are good carbs. Again, it is best to eat starchy carbs before a workout so you can work off those extra calories.

If you choose not to work out and are trying to maintain your weight then you need to limit carbs per the amount of exercise you perform, otherwise fat will build up in your body and you will be working so hard for meager results. Eating whole carbs is highly recommended to promote healthy fat loss. Whole carbs include:

  • Brown Rice

  • Whole Grain Pasta

  • Whole Grain Breads

  • Oats

  • Quinoa

It is also important to increase your intake of meals. This does not mean you eat larger meals, but rather smaller meals that keep you from becoming hungry and stabilize your blood sugar. Over time you will notice that the habit of eating more smaller meals during the day decreases the size of your stomach. Try eating small meals every three hours and you will soon see the difference.

Do not skip breakfast. Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. There is a reason why this is true. Normally you eat breakfast before you work out. This is a good habit since it will help fuel your workout and help to target more fat loss.

Exercise for Fat Loss

One of the only ways you are going to experience losing fat is by performing cardio workouts. You should not do a cardio workout by itself, however. You need strength training and good nutrition to balance out this whole plan so that it will work effectively for you. Cardio speeds up your metabolism and allows you to lose more fat the more you exercise.

This should be done in moderation until your body is fit enough to exercise like this on a regular basis. As with any type of exercise regimen, you need to make sure to consult your physician and follow any advice you are given.

When you do a cardio vascular workout your intensity should be moderate and equal sixty to seventy percent of your heart rate. You can expect heavy breathing at rest but you should not be a gasping. This type of exercise is not about exhausting yourself; it is about trimming your body and losing fat.

You can begin by doing fifteen minutes of cardio then follow it up with strength training. It is good to plan to exercise like this three times a week. Once you have built up muscles mass and are healthier, you can increase your workout to forty-five minutes three times a week. This should be done by adding one minute per workout until you reach forty-five minutes.

Fat Loss Tips

Once you have begun to follow a healthy routine, you may find some habits more difficult to adapt to than others. Here are a few tips to help you continue to lose fat and remain healthy:

  • Buy Healthy Food

  • Prepare Meals in Advance

  • Make More Portions for Later Meals

  • Eat the Same Foods Daily to Remove Cravings

  • Take Your Lunch to Work

  • Eat Before Going Out or Take Food with You

  • Limit the Amount of Junk Food You Eat

  • Track Your Progress

You can expect to lose two to three percent of your body fat if you follow all of these tips. When you cook at home for yourself, you know there are no preservatives that are going to sabotage your healthy eating habits.

Stay motivated and remember to eat only whole foods. You will not have to count calories because you are eating unprocessed foods that are healthy. Just pay attention to how full you feel and stop eating. The more you follow these healthy guidelines, the more fat you will lose over time. It’s important to understand you are making life choices that will make you feel better and live a happier life.


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