How an HCG Diet Leads to Rapid Weight Loss

If you have been looking at the latest trends for rapid weight loss, chances are that you have been made aware of the HCG Diet. But what makes this diet different from all the other plans is that it is more than just a simple diet, it is combined with a naturally occurring hormone treatment designed to speed the metabolism of fatty deposits.

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This is a hormone released in higher quantities by a pregnant woman, signaling your hypothalamus to burn the fat stored in the abdominal area and ensuring that the fetus gets the necessary nutrients to keep it healthy. This action helps in the breakdown of abdominal fat which can lead to weight loss.

HCG Diet Plan Studies

HCG as a weight loss solution was first used by Dr. Simeons for his overweight patients almost 50 years ago. He found this approach to work best when the individual is made to eat 500 calories a day with meals that mainly consists of fruits and vegetables.

Further studies have revealed that this combination, the HCG hormone and a low caloric intake, does produce significant weight loss results. This diet works by breaking down fat in the body and using it for energy. Appetite suppression is also included in this regimen for controlling your complex carbohydrate intake, sugar cravings and making it easier for you to stick to its strict diet regimen.

HCG Diet Supplements

Initially, the hormones were introduced to the body through injections. But the popularity of an HCG Diet plan has led to an increasing demand for supplements to make it accessible and easier for lay practitioners to use.
While there are people who can lose weight just by eating a total of 500 calories every day, supplementing this with the HCG hormone can actually speed the process but it is advised to seek out a medically supervised program. Without a doctor to supervise your program and administer the HCG injections or pellets, chances are that your body will turn to burning muscle mass rather than excess fat, should the balance of usable calories not be properly managed.

HCG Diet Plan Protocol

For weight loss, you should go through 4 phases with the HCG Diet plan: loading, starting the low calorie diet, stabilization, and creation of healthy habits. Among the four phases, it is the second one that is deemed as the most important, as it combines the low-calorie diet of the plan with administering the HCG supplementation.

As you immerse yourself in the HGC Diet, it is important that you remain consistent in your low caloric intake. If done correctly, you can lose 2 to 4 pounds in just a single day. There are people who claim that this also helps with cellulite reduction.

In all the years that an HCG diet has been used, no negative side effects have been reported. As a cellulite treatment for Oxford circle patients, there are weight management center in Olney or the medical loss of weight that have positive results and the capacity to provide for many more candidates interested in rapid weight loss.

Dr. Jon Fisher uses an HCG diet for Oak Lane Philadelphia patients that seek rapid weight loss. Operating from his weight management center near Olney, some clients also seek other forms of medical weight loss in Lawncrest and South Philly that don't employ the HCG protocol. A consultation will help you decide what diet is right for you.


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