How to Lose Weight: Three Rules to Stick to

Overweight people know how difficult it is to lose weight. Dieting and exercising seems overwhelming for modern people, who spend much time in offices. Busy schedule and lifestyle lead to poor eating habits, constant stresses, and lack of adequate physical activity. These are the main causes of extra weight.

If you are tired of being heavy and want to drop a few extra kilograms, you need to be very persistent, because persistence and strong determination are the main components of a successful weight loss program. Thus before you start looking for a suitable weight loss plan, you need to decide whether or not you are ready to give up your bad eating habits and dedicate a few hours a week to regular physical exercises.

If you are sure you have enough willpower to start a weight loss process, you need to remember that it consists of three main components: healthy diet, regular exercises, and proper rest. Let's start with the first component. Seventy percent of successful weight loss depends on healthy eating. Thus to start losing weight effectively you need to review your usual diet. Give up all junk food (french-fries, hamburgers, sweets, etc.), because these products lead to the accumulation of unwanted fat, especially if you do not perform physical exercises.

To start dropping weight you need to eat only healthy and low-calorie meals. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Eat only lean meat and fish, which you can boil or stew. Fried food is rich in unnecessary calories, which can be stored as fat, thus if you have extra weight you need to forget about fried food. Also, avoid baked products, processed food, and sweet beverages. In other words, it is advisable eating only low-calorie food. Daily consumption of calories should not exceed 1500. Learning the number of calories contained in various foods and even meals is simple. If for example you need to know how many calories in a banana, simply do an online research. There are lots of foods that help burn fat, so if you are losing weight you should include these foods in your everyday diet plan.

The next component of successful weight loss program is physical activity. Regular physical exercises help not only lose extra kilograms but also make your body more attractive and helps avoid loose skin. Your physical training should consist of cardio and weightlifting exercises. Cardio exercises help burn extra calories, while weightlifting exercises are responsible for building muscles, which burn fat and make your body shaped and attractive.

Many people forget that it is important to maintain proper water balance in the body. The lack of water may lead to a number of complications, especially if you are losing weight. To maintain proper water balance it is recommended drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day. Water increases metabolism and thus makes weight loss more effective.

The last component of your weight loss program is proper rest. It is recommended sleeping 7-8 hours a day. The lack of proper rest and constant stresses may have negative impact on the weight loss and you may stop losing weight for a certain period of time.


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