Weight Loss Tips for Teens

Losing weight for most teens is an ultimate struggle that may seem extremely hard to climb out of. A lot of the reasons that most teens will have for wanting to lose weight are either to appear more attractive or to reduce the level of teasing from peers.

Keep in mind that you should always strive to lose a healthy amount of weight. Never try to lose more weight than what is required for your ideal weight, because being underweight is just as unhealthy as being overweight. You should always follow a few simple steps before losing those added pounds.

Plan out a Diet

The most general step to ensuring a healthy weight loss is to try and make the necessary changes to your diet. If you want the fastest results you must list everything that you would normally eat and see its health benefits or non-benefits. Keep in mind that just because you are dieting, it does not mean that you cannot eat. Starving yourself is the worse things you can do if you plan on going on a diet.

When you starve yourself it may lead to you have worse health problems than before. In some cases, starving yourself has been known to greatly affect a person’s metabolic rate. If you are not entirely sure about what you need to eat then it may be a good idea to visit your doctor and ask him to make a daily menu for you.

You should also make sure that you have a good understanding about all the foodson the food pyramid. While looking at the food pyramid you will notice that each type of food has recommended levels of intake. You will want to try and eat your meals in the following amounts:

  • Always drink a glass of water before you eat a meal. If you drink before you eat it will cause you to fill up a lot faster and reduce the chances of you over eating. You will also need to drink water after you finish your meal to make the digestive process faster.

  • Try to always eat around 3 servings of fruit per day.

  • It will be in your best interest to include four servings of vegetables into your diet as well.

  • Carbohydrates need to be eaten in 4-8 servings daily, and will include foods like pastas and bread.

  • Try to include around 3-7 protein servings as well as dairy products. You can do so by eating fish and certain dairy products.

  • Although fats are supposed to be eaten sparingly, it is best that you learn to eat healthy fats. Healthy fats will include things such as peanut butter and different nuts.

Learn How to Make your Own Menus

You may find that dieting will be easier if you learn how to make a healthy menu for yourself. This is because you will be eating foods that are healthy but will also be foods that you like. Eating foods that you like are a key element in weight loss. If you do not have any idea of the kinds of foods to put on your menu you can try looking on the World Wide Web. The first step into planning your own menu is to figure out a good breakfast meal. Breakfast is by far one of your most important meals of the day and you never want to skip it.

One idea for breakfast that is worth trying is eating toast with a healthy fruit spread. You will want to accompany your toast with cereal that contains skim milk and fruits. Keep in mind that when you eat breakfast that it reduces your level of hunger when it is time for other meals. There are also certain types of meat that you can include for your breakfast meal.

The next step in your menu will be deciding on what you want to eat for lunch. It is always best to try and bring your lunch from home. When you bring your lunch from home it gives you more control of what you can eat. A good choice for lunch will include a sandwich that is on any type of wheat bread or whole grain. Try to stay away from white bread due to the fact that it contains very little nutrients that your body needs.

Always include any form of lean meat on a sandwich such as chicken, or ham. If you wish to include eggs into your meal, then you want to fry them with butter and not oil. Another good choice for lunch will be a salad that includes a lot of vegetables.

If you need snacks make sure that what you eat is healthy. Fruits and vegetables will always make the best choice for a snack. If you have a sweet tooth you may want to try a piece of celery that has a peanut butter spread on it. Another healthy snack idea will include natural and low fat yogurts. If you want plain yogurt it will allow you to add your own fresh fruits into the yogurt mix.

When you eat dinner it is best to stay away from foods that can be high in fat such as fried chicken. If you are in a situation where you just have to eat something is not particularly health try to eat it in its recommended serving. Most health experts will advise you the when you eat dinner you will want a small serving from each of the major food groups. This may include you eat 1/4th proteins, ½ vegetables, and 1/4th of carbohydrates.

Basic Rules for Healthier Meals

  • During breakfast your plate should contain carbohydrates, dairy, and a small percentage of fat.

  • Lunch should include you eating vegetables, proteins, and carbohydrates.

  • For dinner try to eat pastas, carbohydrates, and vegetables.

  • Snacks should include any form of vegetables, dairy, fruits, and protein.

Make sure that you always drink a lot of water, and strive to drink at least 8 glasses of it per day. Water is crucial to any diet due to the fact that it will help your body to rid itself of toxins. Another important property of water is that it will help you with your acne. Drinking plenty of water is essential to anyone who wants healthier looking skin.

It is important that a person learns to eat everything that they consume in moderations. Never try to completely cut out any of the basic food groups. If you like unhealthy foods such as red meats try to reduce your intake of it to around once a week or only once a month. However if you do want to completely want to cut out a certain food, make sure that the food you cut is something like candy or fast foods.

A major step in your weight loss goals is to exercise on a regular basis. If you are successful with losing weight without exercise you will find it hard to keep that weight off. You will also want to include some form of muscle training into your weight loss plans as well. It will be a lot easier for your body to burn extra fat as you gain muscle.


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