Some Of The More Popular Weight Loss Systems

Today, there are a number of weight loss systems available to help people reach their goals. However, there are some programs that are far more popular than others. Below are some of the most popular weight loss systems today:

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a program that has been around since 1963. This program has been endorsed by a number of celebrities, including Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Simpson. One of the reasons that Weight Watchers is one of the most popular weight loss systems is because it does not require that a person avoid certain foods. Weight watchers uses a points system.

Each person will be given a personalized point target. The number of points that a person is given is based on his or her weight loss goals. The number of points that a particular food is given is based on the amount of fat, fiber, protein and carbs that it has. People are free to eat the foods that they like as long as they stay within their point range. Furthermore, Weight Watchers encourages regular participation in physical activity. 


Nutrisystem is a weight loss system that has been around since 1972. Its advertisements are frequently seen on late night infomercials. Nutrisystem is designed to help a person lose one or two pounds per week. Janet Jackson is one of the many celebrities that has received great results from Nutrisystem. Unlike many other weight loss systems, Nutrisystem does not require that one count calories or points.

Nutrisystem was designed using the principle of the glycemic index. The glycemic index is the measure of the effect that certain foods have on one’s blood sugar level. Blood sugar spikes often lead to food cravings. That is why the creators of Nutrisystem believe that eating protein-rich, low glycemic foods will help promote weight loss.

Nutrisystem gives people the option of choosing from four meal plans, basic, D, vegetarian and silver. The basic meal plan is designed to meet the nutritional needs of the average person. The D meal plan is specifically designed for people who have diabetes. The vegetarian meal plan is designed for vegetarians. The silver meal plan is designed for people who are over the age of 65. People also have the option of choosing from over 150 meals.

Each meal is designed where 57 percent of the calories comes from carbohydrates, 23 percent of the calories comes from protein and 20 percent of the calories comes from fat. All meal plans provide 30 grams of fiber per day. Every month, a person gets his or her meals delivered. Exercise is encouraged with this weight loss program, but it is not required.


Medifast is a weight loss program that was first established in 1980. A person who follows this program can lose between two and five pounds a week. People eat six meals per day, including one lean and green meal. These meals are spaced between two and three hours apart from one another. The meals are delivered right to a person’s door, which makes this diet easy and convenient to follow.

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