Weight Loss With Resveratrol
For years, pharmaceutical companies and drug stores have been promoting different pills to benefit human life. From weight loss to muscle mass to beauty pills, the number of drugs that these companies try to sell is remarkable. While most of the drugs provide little to no scientific value, one supplement in recent years has been brought into the medical spotlight for its remarkable abilities. Resveratrol is an antioxidant produced by plants as a defense against invaders. However, this supplement has been known to have extreme health benefits.
One of the most discussed benefits of resveratrol is the increase in lifespan. In controlled tests, resveratrol has increased the lifespan of yeast, worms, flies, and more recently - fish. The drug has been cited to activate a gene in the human body that assists in the duplication of cells. As people age, their cells tend to be less and less perfect as they replicate themselves. However, the activation of a certain gene by resveratrol assists in a more perfect replication of cells. Therefore, the life of those who take the antioxidant tends to be much longer.
Additionally, resveratrol is said to have great athletic effects. In a test between mice that ate the same amount of food but in which only one took resveratrol, the one that took the supplement had a much better treadmill endurance after just fifteen weeks. While no trials have been conducted in humans, it is very possible that these athletic effects of resveratrol greatly increase one's athletic endurance and abilities. For those that simply do daily exercise, this will allow for a better workout which will therefore give you a healthier body.
In addition to resveratrol's lifespan increase and athletic improvements, the drug is known to help prevent and treat diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and even Alzheimer's. It actually mimics the effects of a low calorie diet, and low calorie diets have been proven to increase lifespan and prevent diseases. Those who eat less have a 25% less chance of diseases. However, this supplement has managed to create those side effects without starving yourself.
Resveratrol is a relatively new supplement and has many more trials to go through. However, the early effects and results of what this antioxidant does to the human body have been nothing less than remarkable. For those looking for a truly beneficial supplement to everyday life, you can't go wrong by trying out resveratrol. The results can only be positive.
Can You Lose Weight With Resveratrol?
The antioxidant resveratrol has many benefits to those who take it. It increases life longevity, makes you feel more energetic and refreshed, and it even fights diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's. However, one of the most frequent uses of resveratrol is to lose weight with the supplement. While exact scientific research has yet to come up with a conclusion as to why this occurs, there are a few theories. One states that when the body lacks certain nutrients, it tends to get hungry in an attempt to find those nutrients in food. If you take resveratrol, it provides the body with healthy nutrients. Therefore, your body won't be craving for food, because the supplement has provided it with nutrients. Another theory suggests that resveratrol simply decreases your cravings for food, so you can eat less food and not be hungry.
Extensive research has been done to find specific reasons for why people can easily lose weight with resveratrol. A German team of scientists took pre-fat cells from a human body and gave them resveratrol. Pre-fat cells will turn into regular fat cells in the human body, which is one of the causes of obesity. However, resveratrol consumed many of the pre-fat cells which caused less fat cells to develop. This could be the reason as to why resveratrol helps people lose weight. Those who take the supplement will have less fat cells in the body.
Regardless of the reasoning as to why resveratrol helps people lose weight, it is a recommended supplement. It is said to both prevent and reduce obesity, which means that even those who are not obese can still take the antioxidant to prevent obesity. Also, it will help prevent cancers of the body and even is known to help people live longer. This natural antioxidant from red grapes could be one of the most important findings of the 21st century.


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