10 Window Installation Tips

A window is an important feature in any room since it determines the amount of light and air entering the room. It also determines the view from inside and outside the room. If not properly installed, air and light flow into and out of the room would be inadequate. It may also lead to entry of water into the room when it rains. This means that windows-- whether small or big, expensive or cheap-- need to be installed properly.

Extra precaution should be taken when fixing windows so as to ensure that the window serves its purpose well. Below are some tips that can guide one when installing windows.

Measure the space where you intend to fix the window. This will give you an estimate of the size of window you would need to buy.

Buy the right size. When choosing a window, it is necessary to choose one that fits well. If the window is smaller than supposed to be, then it will leave a lot of space that would need to be filled in. If the window is big, it will need adjustments. The design of the window maybe damaged as one tries to make adjustments.

Line the space before installing the window. Use strips all around the space. This will ensure that the window is installed properly.

Before fixing the window, read the manufacturer's instructions first. All windows come with a manual on how to go about the installation. On the manual, you would find details such as the space to leave between the window and the surface, the preparations required, installation procedures, etc.

Seal the openings with water resistant barriers. Use the barrier recommended by the manufacturer to seal the openings so as to prevent entry of water through the window, especially when it rains. The sealant used should not be too much or too little. It should be just enough to serve its purpose well.

Don't leave nails, laser and shims hanging past the wall. Cut any protruding parts and use the right size of nails. Proper care should be taken with nails as they may damage the window if not properly handled.

When placing the window, make sure that it is centered. The space left between the window and the wall should be equal all around. The window should also be placed such that it is leveled properly.

Extra precaution should be taken when placing cement water resistant barriers and other substances. This is because if they come into contact with the window, they may cause stains that maybe permanent. This would just make the window look bad.

Cover the window when painting the frames. If you want to paint the frames, then it is important to cover the window so as to avoid staining.

Once the window is installed, check to see whether it is operational. After you are done with the installation, check and confirm that the window opens and closes without any difficulty. Also, check to ensure that it is stable. Don't apply sealant until you are sure the window operates properly. The sealant applied should be as per the manufacturer's instructions.

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