How To Build a Coffee Table With Your Own Two Hands

DIY Projects for Rustic and Homemade Furniture

Home DIY projects can be fun and rewarding as well fixes several problems and issues within our budget. Making a coffee table can be an easy task and there are several options for creating your own furniture. Depending on the personal style and theme of the room will determine the type of coffee table that will best enhance the living area.

For a rustic style, one can use recycled materials to fit their personal spaces. Several items can be found around the house, garage, at yard sales, flea markets and recycling centers. Some may be able to find items like coffee tables that need to be refinished or painted for a minimal price. At recycling centers and areas in the community, it is also available to find parts, wood or glass to make your own coffee table.

For a rustic style coffee table made from old recycled items and lumber there will be a few tools needed. A drill, hammer, saw, pry bar, sand paper, paint scrape, pencil or marker and measuring tape will get one started. If it is possible to find an old table base, this will be the easiest way to make a rustic style coffee table.

You will want to find something that will work in the area designated for the coffee table or items that can be cut and assembled to fit the area. Looking for old items to use can be helpful in areas where wood and other items are stored for recycling and not taken to a landfill. Some communities will have scrap yards and these can be a wonderful place to roam for ideas and useful items for your project.

When looking for parts for your table it is best to take a hammer and screwdriver to remove any parts from the piece you may want without hauling useless items you will dispose of later.

If one can find a sturdy base with solid legs in at least a repairable condition then we have the start of making a wonderful coffee table. Once you have established the base you can find old boards or planks to make the tables top. Finding old wood that is durable but not too thick will be important for a coffee table that is useful but not too bulky or heavy to move when sweeping or cleaning. Once you have arrived home with your treasures it is time to measure and plan the design of your coffee table.

 Draw out your idea on paper using the measurements of the wood and items to make sure that your plan will work and all items are usable. It may be necessary to take apart the base for repair and prep and to be inspected closely. Once the base is prepped and the legs and arms are secure and snug then the base can be painted or stained.

Depending on the material of the base will designate what type of finish will work best. Easiest is to sand all pieces and paint a desired color, white works well with many rustic designs as well as bright primary colors. You can paint the base before assembling or after and the base will need time to dry, possible for at least 24 hours.

Once the base is ready, one can cut and assemble the top, which can be one piece or several boards. If the boards are, painted then sanding and removal of the paint will be necessary. A nice rustic look theme creation possibly will only remove partial paint and leave some rough texture viewable. Staining, painting and finish of the top can be done as well before or after securing to the base.

Some other ideas for a rustic style table can use stencils and other decorative ideas such as stickers to fit the theme of your decor. These items will be applied after stain or paint and before the clear finish process to seal your coffee table from marking and water or moisture rings. A clear finish can be glossy or satin depending on tastes and several protective coats will require extended drying times between each coat. 


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