Nursing Scrubs - Keep Your Shirt On

This would not have been a problem for her, except that she neglected to keep her top on. Whether this was a poor decision on her part, or merely a voyeuristic opportunity snapped up by a lucky (and seemingly ever-present) paparazzi, her semi bare photo has now been shared with the world. Hmm…talk about embarrassing, and I'm sure this particular Duchess truly wished she'd kept her shirt on. Hopefully, lesson learned.

Well, we "non-royals" may not be subjected to this type of constant scrutiny, but it certainly isn't difficult to set tongues a-wagging and perhaps earn a rightly or wrongly tagged reputation, simply by the way we dress. In particular, I'm talking about nursing scrubs.

OK, admit it. You know where I'm going with this, and very likely have seen for yourself what I'm going to talk about. The too-low cut scrub top that shows way more than any patient, family member or co-worker wants to see of that particular healthcare worker. Ever. How about the low-rise scrub pants that show off an often plump derriere with nearly every movement? Or that scrub top that fits so snuggly that you fear an eye injury when the seams eventually exhaust themselves and give up the fight? Yeah, thought so.

Scrubs Wardrobe Malfunctions Don't Have to HappenThe thing is, folks, to borrow a phrase, these "uniform malfunctions" are not the result of faulty garments. Purchasing, and then actually wearing ill fitting scrubs, causes these wardrobe faux pas to occur. Sadly, but luckily, these incidents could all be avoided. All it takes is a dandy little tool called a measuring tape.

At Sassy Scrubs, we custom make every scrubs garment we offer. That means we make the scrubs you build online to order, just for you. You heard it correctly! We sew them for you right here in our shop. That also means that if you can use one of those aforementioned handy tools - the measuring tape - you can have the best fitting scrubs around. Scrubs that won't show off your cleavage clear down to your navel every time you bend over, or show daylight on that funny little birthmark on your behind. Your scrubs will fit you well, and make you lookput together and, most importantly, professional. Your patients and co-workers will take you seriously and not be twittering behind your back about your choice in uniforms. Instead, they'll be complimenting you on your well fitting scrubs.

So take a lesson from our over-exposed Duchess, and make sure your scrubs fit you well. You'll feel better and look better, and you'll be taken seriously in your work. So visit us at Sassy Scrubs and we'll help you look like the professional you are. And, oh yeah, learn a lesson from the Duchess herself, be sure to keep your shirt on.

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