If You're Able To Relate, Then You Are A Physician

Life as a medical professional is tough. The position is extremely stressful -- physically, mentally, and emotionally. However, there's also a number of cool things about being a medical physician. Well, sporting Littmann cardiology stethoscope or a cardiology iii stethoscope is simply one, and the perk to get "priority parking" at hospitals and an excuse to beat the red light can be another.

Life as a medical physician is quite rewarding as you get to help others. Additionally, it has some entertaining and interesting instances, especially when you realize a number of things that you do on a daily basis that can truly make you happily say "yes, I am a physician!".

Here are eight of the many other things that can make you undoubtedly extremely pleased to say you are a medical professional:

1. You fall asleep in an irregular fashion and sleeping for approximately an hour seems like cloud nine.

Medical professionals will always be out and about and the only rest these people get when at the office are those quick naps in between. Not everyone can live with an intermittent fashion of sleeping. Now that is one thing doctors have mastered!

2. You speak when you sleep and express stuff like: "Grab forcep... sponge... verify vital signals..."

Yes it's funny to discover you talk when you sleep, and you talk about things at the job. But hey, that merely shows simply how much you've mastered your craft.

3. You assess everything you encounter from a medical and extremely scientific standpoint.

Inadvertently, most medical professionals have this kind of automatic analysis happening in their heads. Surely not everybody are able to do that.

4. You get paranoid with what you take in simply because you come with an automatic calculator in your thoughts calculating all the bad cholesterol, etc.

When you are familiar with health and nutrition, you are able to really get paranoid. But that's good since it means you can steer clear of harm's way.

5. You'll be able to remember about 80% of the things distributed at pharmacies.

Medical professionals have superb memory and that's one thing to be really proud of.

6. You're accustomed to eating even if you have body organs or other bloody stuff before you.

This means you have got a tough stomach and nothing can ever gross you.

7. You'll be able to live up to 24 hours without eating anything at all.

A medical doctor often loses track of the time due to the loads of work he/she does. As a result of working too much, he/she is just too busy to even keep in mind hunger.

8. Regardless of how tired you happen to be, your adrenaline rush and volume of alertness is often up in the course of emergency scenarios.

Medical experts never have downtime, and that is one thing to be very pleased with. This means that 24/7 you are ready and responsive to help others.

Doctors can definitely relate with those 8 points mentioned. Don't you find it fascinating how doctors have remarkable attributes?

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