Ensuring Your Security Team Has All The Required Technology

All employees are important to the successful running of a company, and it is important to keep all employees safe to ensure the business operations flow smoothly; this covers your entire workforce, including lone workers or self employed members of staff who may work based from different locations.

Lone workers and self employed people are covered in the legal responsibility an organisation holds, including the health and safety and welfare of employees as well as visitors and contractors. Risk assessments are a well known practice for ensuring the workplace is safe and responsible; they are equally as constructive for the lone worker environment, covering aspects that may not have originally been thought of.

There are many lengths that can be taken in protecting these members of staff; effective communication is needed in any working environment, if the lone worker and management do not operate on a two way communication system, issues can be lost, unidentified or passed off as unimportant. Not only small issues need to be raised; if a large predicament arises, it is important for the safety and wellbeing of the lone worker that somebody else knows about it.

Mobile devices have revolutionised the protection and safety of the lone worker; using technology such as GPS and 'push for help' systems has not only made the practice easier to manage, it has also made it cheaper and a more reliable source for looking after employees.

When safety is an issue outside of the working environment, GPS locating systems have become a way of tracking the safety of lone workers 'out in the field'. There are many issues that an employee could face when in the public environment, and sometimes verbal communication is not an option for an effective two way system. With GPS tracking however, the employee can be tracked to ensure their safety and effective running. Although some might think of this method as an intrusive form of tracing, it is in fact guaranteeing their safety.

If this is option is not the preferred approach, there are always other ways that safety can be implemented. 'Push for help' systems work again with mobile technology; if the lone worker finds themselves in a tricky situation, where again verbal communication is not manageable, the mobile device can be used to send a signal to anybody who could intervene, for example security professionals, members of the workplace and even the police.

Although these issues can be rare, they are not unusual; especially depending on the industry you work in. Because of this it is beneficial to have security in place for all employees working with the company, whatever their situation.

From your lead security guard to those who monitor the security systems, you can find the best technology online.


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