Health & Safety Training Tips For The Workplace

One of the laws is that you are required to have a first aider in the work place just in case there is the need for one. If you do not have one then you could be held liable if a certain instant happens as you will have a duty of care to people that enter you workplace. This is why you or one of your employees should take part in first aid training to make sure someone can help a victim until the emergency services arrive. In addition to this you will have to have first aid kits in the workplace.

As well as doing first aid training you should make sure that you have completed some form of health and safety training. Although this is not compulsory it can certainly help you make sure that your workplace applies to all of the regulations so that if there are any accidents in your workplace then you cannot be held responsible. Training is normally provided by people that are qualified to teach you about this and they will often come into your workplace and give you tips on what to do. Some of it may sound ridiculous but if you can do it then you are not risking anything for anyone.

These training agencies will go about how your work place already applies to the regulations and then they can help you add to it. They can make sure that all of the paperwork that you have is correct because it is a legal requirement for you to record any accidents that do take place so someone can refer back to them if need be. These health and safety forms should be widely available to everyone in your workplace because they are also responsible to record an accident as well as informing you on anything that may have happened.

The training normally makes sure that your procedures are right as well which can generally be a problem as people do not know what to do in certain situations. These procedures can include making sure every member of staff knows what to do in certain situations like a fire alarm or even a bomb threat which also has to be prepared for. The procedures also cover how you go about reporting any faults in the workplace so that they can be fixed immediately and it also goes down to displaying wet floor signs so that people know where to be more careful.

The assessors will sometimes even survey your workplace to make sure that it fits in with the health and safety regulations. They can point out any errors that you may have in your workplace like a dodgy handrail or leaking pipe. Little things like that have to be sorted otherwise you could end up with huge fines due to regulations, that the government take very seriously, being broken. In addition to this they can also monitor people that work for you to make sure that they are not breaking any regulations and this can help you out in the future.

Some of the health and safety rules may come across as minor but it is very important to make sure that they are kept to because even the smallest problem can cause a huge injury. This is why it is very important to make sure that you or someone else is fully trained to look after your workplace correctly.

SWA are work based learning training providers in the UK. The company helped Drew Barkstead to write this article by providing him with their expertise in the industry, having operated for a number of years, dealing with customers in that time.


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