How To Practice Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is a Series of Yoga Postures Used to Achieve Optimum Health

Bikram Choudhury is the founder of the Bikram Yoga Sequence and has received many awards for his yoga practices. It is apparent that his yoga techniques are founded to be one of the most popular and useful in the yogi regimen. The practice of yoga has origins in India and has many powerful properties to improve overall health and wellbeing. Bikram became very aware of these healing properties after a knee injury left him crippled. Doctors told him he would never walk again but his beliefs in the healing practice of yoga proved his strengths.

Bikram Yoga is a set of 26 specific postures done in a specific sequence that must be followed to achieve the best results. It is a strict yoga and must be performed with the aid of a certified yogi master. Not only is the sequence and stances very important to the effect but also to be performed in an area or room that has a controlled temperature of 105 degrees.

The reason of the strict temperature range is to enable the body to be soft. One is reshaping the body with the practice of Bikram Yoga and to make the body receptive it must be warmed, the muscles and tissues must be warmed and softened to execute change and transformation. It is much like shaping clay in one’s hands, as they warm the clay to make it more pliable and soft.

The warmer temperature not only helps soften the muscles and tissues but also aids in sweating while practicing the yoga techniques. Sweating is the body’s natural form of releasing toxins that can cause illness and disease. With the higher temperature and the relaxed muscles, the cells of the body are able to deliver oxygen and use it primarily to aid in releasing toxins and healing damaged areas.

The consistent practice of Bikram Yoga will improve health and can heal and diminish disease. The strict pattern of the executed yoga practice delivers the oxygen and warms the body systematically for the best effects. It is important to maintain and practice this yoga as specified.

The many stances of the series can be quite a torture and the common term of Bikram Studios are considered “Torture Chambers” due to the intense effect of this type of yoga. It is a series that stretches the muscles and ligaments in a pattern that helps release toxins and deliver healing properties. In a pure and clean Bikram environment of the certified studios is the only possible way to achieve the true Bikram effect that has taken many years of yoga study and practice to be perfected.

A Bikram Yoga College in India supplies the lessons to achieve certified yoga instructors that are available around the world in these specific studios. They not only follow the strict guidelines of the practice of this form of yoga but enhance and pass a value of life that increases the health and beliefs of the body of their students  that are healing and truly inspirational.


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