4 Yoga Moves That Are Really Fun To Do

Yoga Can Be a Fun and Healthy Form of Exercise

Yoga has been practiced for years and possibly centuries around the globe as a healing art. It has been a useful tool in promoting health and fitness while also becoming more aware of oneself and their bodies. There are several techniques and variations of poses and yoga practices that will fit most any one need or interest.

Yoga can be great for older and less mobile individuals to slowly create a healthy aura or vigorous and intense to achieve a very challenged and optimum health regimen. Some of the poses may seem impossible yet finding it within oneself to achieve the challenge of completing a full term of the standing tree or other moves can be fulfilling and enjoyable.

Many new to yoga may think the moves seem ridiculous or odd yet they are performed in exact this stance or form to align energies within the body and create a flow of energy and space to heal and grow. Breathing properly while doing yoga is very key and many of the yoga stances are focused on teaching one how to breathe properly.

In any workout or exercise and especially yoga it is very important to breathe properly and deliver oxygen to all parts of the body. If one is exercising or doing yoga and gasping for air like a fish out of water then although it looks like they are working hard their bodies are not receiving any of the benefits.

While breathing properly and practicing yoga some stances can be quite fun and even more so when performed with a partner. Some of the more fun poses create challenges that may have you laughing and rolling on your side. One of these poses is the Balancing Straddle, in which you balance on your bum while extending your legs skyward in a V pose. First time performers of the Balancing Straddle will have a lot of laughs as they try to control their balance and keep from rolling back or to the side. This pose once accomplished is an amazing position for loosening or opening tight hamstrings and stretching.

An open and bold pose that can be quite lifting is the Balancing Star pose, a cross between the Sage and the Half Moon, this pose is centered on balancing on one hand and one foot while the opposing extremities are pointed skyward. This move really opens ones energies  and can be hard to achieve yet the challenge is ultimately very rewarding once accomplished.

Once you have reached the stars the next challenge would be the Balancing Butterfly which brings one up in the Butterfly stance on to their toes. This is a calming and wonderful internal pose that will bring you safely back to your center after flying around the stars. Many poses such as these can create a fun and healthy environment to include into a daily and fun workout.


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