A look at how to preform the salute to the sun, a yoga position that will relax your whole body. A perfect yoga move that can be preformed inn your own home.
Review of the perks of yoga. This write-up covers the fundamentals of yoga and exactly how it can be efficient.
Bikram Choudhury is the founder of the Bikram Yoga Sequence and has received many awards for his yoga practices. It is apparent that his yoga techniques are fou
Here I offer some tips about the expected level of etiquette that any yoga practitioner should have at yoga classes.
The Dancers Pose, also known as Nataraja Asana, in Yoga and Pranayama, is a regal pose – as this pose’s Sanskrit name translates as dancer / nata, king or lord
Garbhakranti Pregnancy Yoga
Yoga has been practiced for years and possibly centuries around the globe as a healing art. It has been a useful tool in promoting health and fitness while also